Organizational Services

“Each of our services can be utilized separately and also comprehensively, in any order, according to our clients need”

A. Job Analysis

A specification process of job description can help our client to set a   basis for implementation of human resources development functions such as recruitment guidance, incentive program, or remuneration. We provide continuous job analysis process. We analyze the present job specification and possible implementation in the future as well.

B. Recruitment & Assessment

After the job is correctly specified, the next problem will be finding the right person for it. We will assist our client, not only to find the most competent person for the job, but also the right job for every individual. So, career path designing, promotion, rotation, and mutation will be much easier.


C. Job Evaluation

Each job has to be estimated through a valid and specific system. In doing so, it would be easier to value the quality of the job and make a more structured classification of it. Job evaluation will support the development of human resource in general.

D. Counseling

Although the best system has been applied, there will still be a possibility of emerging problems to each individual in the organization. The uniqueness of each individual requires also an individual solution. We believe that the individual problem is not an obstacle, but a normal adaptation process that has to be done to achieve maximum performance.

E. Performance Appraisal

Each individual in the organization needs an appropriate appraisal in accordance with his/her performances, in order to be constantly motivated for an optimal performance. This is strongly related to various aspects, such as the condition and target of the company, and the load of work. Our performance appraisal service is not only related to internal aspects of the company, but also external aspects such as the economic condition and the level of development of the industry concerned. So a more accurate image can be obtained.


F. Training

Technical skill indeed is important to achieve an optimal performance. But, as well as cooperation in groups, interpersonal relation and way of work are parts of non-technical factors which cannot be ignored. We provide training packages to increase the above mentioned. Technical skill has to be completed with a good cooperation between individuals, because no individual is able to do the whole work alone, no matter how competent he/she is…

G. Survey and Research

Human resource development activities require accurate data about effectiveness, strength, and weakness of the program. Survey and research are the best way to provide mentioned data. The limitation of our clients’ time and resource to conduct the research has inspired us to propose our survey/research program. With three main activities; identify client’s needs or problems, apply the most suitable methodology, and conduct the survey itself, we can fulfill our clients’ need of accurate and comprehensive data