Educational Services

“Aim of study can not be achieved without cooperation of students, parents, and teachers. We provide services that can help them promote effectiveness of learning process”

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For parents and teacher

It is almost impossible for students to achieve their aim of education without help from the closest persons to their learning process, named parents and teachers. We offer guidance for parents and teachers in connection with child education in the context of school and home environment. We also arrange periodic lectures about various aspects of education and child development in the educational psychology field.


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Our service for parents and teacher are:

  1. Seminar & workshop
  2. Parents effectiveness training
  3. Family outing
  4. Psychological assessment

For Students and children

Each student has their own talents and potentials. Ignorance of this fact often results in a failure to perform optimally, and also failure to achieve aim of education. Our service includes identification of each student’s profile, from play-school to university level.

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  1. Training
  2. Psychological assessment
  3. Seminar and workshop
  4. Counseling