Dr. Rose Mini A.P., M.Psi.

Dr. Rose Mini A.P., M.Psi. is a psychologist and also an active lecturer at Psychology Faculty, University of Indonesia. She also dedicates herself in the applied psychology field. She is a founder and a Main Director of Essa Consulting Group, a group of psychological consultant. In this company, she plays a role in coordinating psychological assessment and also competence base assessment. She also often talks about psychology in mass media. Besides that, she is also a personality development trainer for teachers, parents, students, employees, etc. Moreover, she has an interest in multiple intelligences. She actualizes her interest by managing a pre-school called Taman Kreativitas Anak Indonesia, and also a primary school called SD Kreativitas Anak Indonesia, which the curriculum is based on multiple intelligences.

Eri Vidiyanto, M.Psi.

Eri Vidiyanto, M.Psi. has a master degree of educational psychology. He is a coordinator of educational psychology division at Essa Consulting Group. He has a lot of experiences in coordinating psychological assessment activities and developing its method. He usually conducts training modules and activities, and also acts as a trainer. He applies all his knowledge above mostly in the educational psychology field, but he also involved in organizational psychology activities.

Rifa Rahmawati, M Psi

Rifa Rahmawati, M. Psi., Psikolog had a master degree of industry and organizational psychology.  She was active in psychological test laboratory since being student at university. She coordinates organizational service such as assessment and training and arranges its module.  Besides, she is also involved in any educational psychology such as educational assessment, potential mapping, etc.