About Us

“We serve your needs in a professional way”

Essa Consulting Group was established on May 1, 1997. Our main focuses of work are Organizational / Industrial  and Educational. In both fields, we apply a concept of comprehensive and situational service (Tailor made). Recruitment and Assessment, Counseling, Training, Survey and Research are some of our organizational services. Our most important purpose is to become a partner for our clients to help them develop their human resources.

In Educational psychology services, we are aware of good human resources are also based on an excellent education. Therefore we offer services to help teachers, parents, and students to achieve their aim of study, through Guidance and Training, Counseling, Seminars, Parents’ Club etc. To support our educational program, we have Taman Kreativitas Anak Indonesia (TKAI), a pre-school and kindergarten which is based on Multiple Intelligence.

Taman Kreativitas Anak Indonesia (TKAI)

Jl. Arco Raya No. 24 Cipete Selatan -

Jakarta 12410

Phone: (021) 751 3281, Fax (021) 751 5520,